About Spa Party Games And Events

Before organizing a spa party, plan it first in a very appropriate manner and then accordingly organize it into a real spa visit, so you must take care to have bottled water and a collection of herbal teas or juices and refreshments on hand. You can even wish to invite your guests to bring pajamas and/or robes also.

Spa party games must include basic spa activities. So, invite your guests to partake in a chocolate facial. For that have all your guests put their hair up or pull back from their faces. Then have them scoop up some of this excellent moisturizing mask and spread it onto their face. This facial is a combination of:

1) 1/3 C cocoa powder,

2) 3 Tbs heavy cream,

3) 2 tsp cottage cheese,

4) 1/4 C honey and 3 tsp oatmeal powder, take all these ingredients and blend them well in a food processor. Mix until smooth.

5) For 10 minutes ask your guests to relax (putting cucumber slices over eyes will help guests relax even more completely and do a great number on eye puffiness). This mask washes off easily with warm water and if it happens to get on the lips, it really tastes great. Awesome isn't it? If you need to gather more ideas for spa party you can switch to these few web sites, such as spoonful.com, linkedin.com/groups/Glama-Gal-Tween-Spa-4777877, www.feelfabulous.ca, etc.

Additional activities can be designing body glitter, or simply giving each other manicures or pedicures. After all the spa activities are over, more traditional games will keep the guests engaged. Modest games like Not Me Never, mix truths, fibs and candy can be used to make your spa party wonderful. Besides that Via the internet you can get all the details with ideas that you can implement in your spa party to make it better.

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