Are Modern Wireless Headphones Reliable Enough?

Wireless headphones are an interesting option for people who want to get rid of the headphone cable and have more freedom. Just imagine being able to listen to your favority music over headphones while exercising or while cleaning your home.

Despite their advantage of not having a cable, wireless headphones have not replaced regular corded headphones by any means. One of the biggest drawbacks was the fairly poor sound quality of these models. Most products would have noticeable hissing and crackling in the presence of interference.

However, recently new wireless headphones have started to offer performance which rivals that of traditional corded headphones. These models use digital audio transmission which converts audio to data and then transmits the data instead of the audio itself. This method is very robust against interference.

The main reason for the robustness is that these transmitters employ a protocol which can detect if some data is lost or corrupted by interference. In such case, the data can be repaired by using a forward-error-correction method or simply resent. Inside the headphones, the data is then converted to analog again.

Also, these headphones have a signal-to-noise ratio which rivals that of a CD except for Bluetooth headphones which use audio compression due to bandwidth limitations.

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