Chronological Procedure To Follow During Fabrication Process

Here is a chronological procedure to follow during fabrication process.

Scale drawing of the particular design that blacksmith or the welder requires from the process, this should be done in regard to amount of raw materials available for the fabrication process.

Cutting and burning this entails cutting the raw materials to size in reference to the scaled design. The main tools used are the chop saws, cutting torches which cut large and huge section of metal with less efforts being employed in the cutting process.

Forming is the other critical procedure that has to be followed in the metal fabrication entails particularly bending of the metal sheets into different shapes according to the designs in the initial steps. This is followed by the machining steps which utilize magnetic drills, mills and metal lathers.

Welding this the most vital step in the entire metal this step the formed and machined parts from the previous process assembled which is followed by checking for accuracy. This particular step requires a lot care is required in order to prevent the warping of the wield product due to heat. It's also in this step that the welder complete the welding or fabrication according to the provided designs. Weldment is name used to refer to the product awaiting completion of the fabrication process.

Assembly is the final step of the metal fabrication process where the weldment is cooled, primed and also painted; this step also entails finishing the product according to specific instructions of the customer. Packaging is done after assembling process.

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