Decoration and Insulation – Window Film

Theres been a lot of attention of late regarding the remarkable insulating qualities of window film insulation. Rightfully so, I should add. By simply adding a layer of tinted film onto your windows, you can greatly reduce the amount of UV rays that funnel into your home, thus you need far less energy to keep your home cool.

I applaud this feature of window film, but Im certainly quick to add that there is more to film than meets the eye. Above its ability to be an insulation, window film can also be decorative. In fact, weve received a lot of phone calls and emails in recent months from interior designers and architects looking for inexpensive ways to add a modern touch to a new building or renovation.

Thats the thing with tint - its such an inexpensive investment that its okay to test and try out a few different scenarios. For example, last month a library trust group came to us with the need of lowering their energy costs while celebrating their new childrens wing. Wow, what a perfect match in heaven. We decided to direct the group to our webpage,, so that they could get a firm grasp of what it is we can do for them.

After some discussion, we agreed as a group to 3 different styles - two that were representative of children, and the third being a bit more art-deco and stylish. For one month we transitioned between the three until the library group could come to a final consensus of what was the best film for today and tomorrow.

They chose a childrens drawing motif, which, I should add, made perfect sense. Celebrate the talent, imagination and potential of children with window film. The library and its patrons are extremely happy. That makes me happy as well.

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