Delicious Meals at the Touch of a Button

The Sous Vide method of cooking produces some incredible tasting dishes with a unique texture and full of flavour. The technique has long been championed by professional chefs and sous vide dishes are no stranger to some of the top restaurants in the world.

The Sous Vide method produces outstanding results due to the unique process of sealing food into vacuum sealer bags. These pouches are then submerged into a water bath which is set to the desired temperature and left to cook for the desired time. This produces some incredible results and a texture which is unachievable with any traditional method of cooking.

What is more, because food is sealed in the vacuum pouches it means that flavour is locked in. Natural juices will be reabsorbed and important nutrients are not lost or destroyed in the cooking water. This is great news for healthy eating and means you get restaurant quality dishes without the effort and preparation their taste might otherwise suggest.

Anyone can use the sous vide method and once tasted, you will wonder just why you didnt discover it sooner! The sous vide method makes it virtually impossible to overcook food and thus makes it perfect for those out all day at work.

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