How to Have a Memorable France Tour

You might be excited about making a trip to France but you should have the necessary information in order to make your tour enjoyable and with less stress. Such information include the things to pack, the guide books to refer to and so on. This will also help you to budget for your trip. This is due to the misconception that making a trip to France is very expensive. If you do your research well then you will be able to budget properly and enjoy your stay. The following are what you need to know before you make your trip.

France travel planner
This will help you to know the best places to visit in France, the best places to stay in during your visit, the activities to participate in, the French culture and how to get around easily among others.

You should have detailed information on the weather of the major cities like Paris and Nice before you make your France travel tour. This information will help you know the clothes to carry, the amount of money you are likely to spend there but most importantly the activities that you will be able to enjoy. For example during winter you will only be able to enjoy indoor activities while you can do both indoor and outdoor activities during summer. You should know that the weather in France varies widely from one city to another.

The customs
When you are making your entry to France, you are restricted when it comes to the number of items that you can carry in to the country. When you exceed this limit then you are liable to pay customs for the remaining items.

There are various laws that you are required to abide with. For example you are allowed to go bring your pets in to the country but you cannot exceed five for if you are one family. The pets must have tattoo identification and must have been vaccinated among other rules.

There are also regulations for when you rare leaving such as the things you are allowed to go with and the quantity.

When on a Boutique Tours - France travel tour, you will need accommodation. It is advisable to stay in the bed and breakfast accommodations also referred to as Chambers dHotels. These are cheaper compared to hotels and they are found in very beautiful houses. Alternatively you can opt to stay in a castle, small house or an old mill depending on which part of the countryside you are staying in.

Restaurant tips
When you go to France you will realize that you have to pay an additional 15 percentage when paying your check in cafes and restaurants which is considered as service charge. This is due to the fact that tips are subjected to taxation. Therefore have this in mind even when giving tips in taxis or other places. You should not fear to give tips for this because it is just a way of appreciation. This does not mean that you are obligated to do so.
When you are armed with this information, you will then enjoy your tour of France.

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