Keep Yourself Updated With The Latest Broadband News

It's vital that you keep yourself posted on what is happening in the world today, even if you think that you are not technology savvy. Keeping yourself updated with the latest information also means that you keep yourself abreast of broadband news.

What is broadband news? Broadband news basically refers to news related to broadband and broadband products and services. Broadband news gives readers information regarding the latest and most relevant updates in the broadband industry.

One example of an important broadband news is the evolution of Earthlink. According to reports, Earthlink has bundled its voice offering to its broadband service in a move to keep its subscribers. By offering multiple services in one package, Earthlink is reducing the chances of its subscribers switching to competitors.

It has been observed that Earthlink's management is quick to respond to varying market conditions. Earthlink, according to broadband news, is a company that is quick to recognize growth opportunities and act on it. However, the competition in the broadband market is tough because the large phone and cable companies in the United States have now entered the broadband market and are able to bundle multiple voice, data and cable services in one package. Check out and and learn more.

One other notable piece of broadband news has to do with WiMax. WiMax has taken steps to secure its networks. However, while many thought that this was a good move on the part of WiMax, there are still those who think that it still doesn't make WiMax more secure than a secure WiFi network. Many still believe that the weaknesses that exist in WiMax networks are in the operating system device drivers.

It is also contended that a high security network is only possible if it is wired. Compared to a wired network, a wireless network is still difficult to secure. Using encryption and other security measures on a wireless network becomes difficult to use, and is still not as effective and secure as a wired network. It is believed that for simple or casual tasks, a wireless network would suffice. However, for doing online tasks like banking and shopping, it is recommended that these are done over a wired network.

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