Using Fiverr Keyword Tracking Gigs

Many tasks must be tracked when working with Search engine optimization or SEO. Keyword research, creation of content, building links and paying attention to monetizing the new traffic. It often makes more sense to outsource some of the process to save time and work more efficiently. Every SEO should be keeping track of keywords and this can easily be easily outsourced in a variety of ways. A Fiverr keyword gig will often be the most cost effective solution for outsourcing these tasks on a daily basis. You'll save time and money once you learn how to outsource these mundane but necessary tasks for your business.

Fiverr is a unique website in that it connects those who need services with those who are willing to do services. These are referred to as gigs and all are priced at a mere $5 per gig. For additional funds there are a few add ons that one can also purchase however, the basic starter package is always the low price of $5 per gig.

If you're looking to keep track of your rank you can readily outsource this to Fiverr and receive very good results. It's easy to do and unlike some of the SEO work that you'll be needing to have done, ranking is not a difficult task. Many people have great software programs that work well for this and many Fiverr providers readily use this method. Although this software may cost money to initially use, once it's installed it easy to check in with it on a daily basis and keep track of rankings.

It's pretty easy to find a Fiverr keyword tracking gig and you won't have to go farther than your own internet browser. Sign into Fiverr and you're on your way. Once you're signed in head straight for the search box and simply input the words, "Keyword tracking." Remember that the first results up are sorted by recommendation. Press the "high ranking" link and you'll see the best gigs at the top of your listings.

Now that you've learned how to sort your gigs you'll see a wide array of listings. Remember that not all of these are going to be keyword tracking gigs so just go through and find the ones that are pertaining to key words. For $5 you'll send them one or more web site addresses with the keywords that they want to have tracked.

The frequency of these reports and they way in which they are delivered will of course vary depending upon the gig. Seek out reports that are emailed on a daily basis. If you want to have more action in the ranks you can also find links to sites that will allow you to update ranks any time you wish. Be sure to find gigs that allow you the option of tracking the keywords and the URLs for your $5 to get your money's worth out of it.

So go ahead and stop doing it all by yourself, delegate Once you've started delegating you'll be able to put your time in elsewhere where it matters more. As you get more familiar with Fiverr you'll be able to outsource more and more of your daily operations to Fiverr and your business will grow exponentially.

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